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Convention 2022 - Update and Details

Convention Date - November 5, 2022

Combined Convention with Pine Tree Guide Dog Users

Regrettably,  the 2022 convention committee has made the decision to hold a virtual convention. This decision did not come easily and was discussed in length with the boards of PTGDU and ACB Maine. 
With COVID still being very much a part of our lives, there was too much uncertainty of people’s willingness to commit to attend an in-person event.
The Embassy Suites in Portland has been more than fair, giving us until September 5th to decide at which point we could walk away from our contract with no penalty or cost to either group. However, not knowing whether we would be in-person or virtual would have made it more difficult to plan the convention. In addition, cancelling beyond September 5th would have left ACB Maine liable for a certain percentage of the entire cost of conference and blocked guest rooms.
It is for these reasons that we came to this very difficult decision The committee is still working on finalizing the speakers and agenda, which will be forthcoming. Thanks for your patience and understanding.  
Leona McKenna
President, ACB Maine

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