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house.jpgSo, I walk.  A lot.  And my middle name is "Snag a Ride." 

When I can't snag a ride, I hoof it.  Most of it back and forth to East Ave.   Yesterday was such a day, walking to and from East Ave, getting a total number of 17.4K steps.  We live in a nation where driving is the norm; and in Maine, driving is perceived to be the only mehtod of getting around. 

It's a kind of a challenge to walk 17.4K steps in a day, but it is what it is.

What's the nicest part of all those steps yesterday?

On the way home yesterday, Congressman Jared Golden saw me and pulled over for a chat.  It was absolutely fortuitous.  It was good to see him, ask him some questions about Washington and his new life there. We spent ten minutes on the side of the road chatting.

We did a good job electing Jared.  He has his priorities in the right order.  He represents Maine well.  I'm proud he is my Congressman.

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