Yesterday, I was walking on Russell Street, Lewiston. 

I was walking from Central Maine Eye Care to CVS. 

While turning the corner from Russell Street to East Avenue and about 300 yards from the intersection, I heard an accident happen.   Police were there shortly, I do not think anyone was injured.  An SUV turned the corner and hit a passenger bus.

I believe that intersection is one of the most dangerous intersections in Lewiston, and we need to find a way to address the issues of that intersection and the issues inherent in travel up and down Russell Street. 

Russell Street has become the superhighway to Auburn. Traffic speeds along Russell Street with a vengeance.

The intersection of Russell Street and East Avenue is blocked by overgrown shubbery on the southwest corner.  Neither pedestrians or vehicles can see around the corner, and pedestrians are forced to take to the road in order to walk around the corner, placing them in the path of traffic.  It's a potentially dangerous corner.  That was demonstrated yesterday.

Two problems emerge.  First the intersection, then Russell Street itself.